Mary's Pizza Shack

Mary's Pizza Shack is a family-owned chain of Italian restaurants in northern California. For 15+ years, I've been writing and directing Mary's radio (the same campaign) featuring her great-grandkids, including the CEO's son, Vinny "The Meatball Kid" Albano. During that time, Mary's customers have literally heard the boys grow up on the radio. Sometimes it isn't about being edgy. It's about nailing a brand and sticking with it. Listen to one of Mary's favorites spots below. Click here to visit a page on Mary's site with a bunch more. 


I've also created outdoor for Mary's, including the board below. The wommanequin moved to a different spot on the board once a week—until she was abducted by hooligans from a local college, poor thing. / Gold, The Show: MN AdFed