SquareTrade #KidsBreakStuff

Kids and electronics. They go together like peanut butter and electronics. SquareTrade's #KidsBreakStuff campaign is a good example of how we show the need for protection in everyday life without fear-mongering. It's also a good example of a real-deal international theme that works across all channels. 


European kids break stuff, too. Austrian video below. / Radio ZET / WP Tech / CHIP / eEospodarka / Turun Sanomat / MTV3 / Tekniikka & Talous / TiViInar / Openbroadcast


#KidsBreakStuff photo contest. Win what your kids broke!


#KidsBreakStuff research/infographic for press and our channel partners (Toys"R"Us, Target, QVC, etc.) below. In the States, NBC and CBS ran it in their national feed and 70+ local affiliates ran with it. Click here for an example of what that looks like. 


SquareTrade gets a lot more (and a lot better) press coverage if we give reporters everything they need to put a piece together, from data to stills to b-roll. So a big part of every shoot, no matter what it's for, is figuring out how to create as much content as possible. (B-roll below is silent.)